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Lawyer to Lawyer Pension and Retirement Plan Division
Attorney Handled Draft Only or Entire Process

We offer QDRO & QILDRO related services, in particular to attorneys with the benefit of outsourcing while  maintaining continuity of attorney representation and saving you time.


You choose which or all stages of the process with an experienced attorney: preparing language to be included in your Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, drafting the appropriate QDRO, obtaining pre-approval, negotiating with the Plan Administrator and/or opposing attorney or party to include provision for your protection, appearing  in Court and securing final approval by the Plan Administrator, with quick responses to your questions along the way.


A highly experienced attorney that started a flat-fee based approach to dividing pension & retirement plans by QDRO & QILDRO in and around Chicago,  preparing QDRO's nationwide and statewide network of lawyers to present the expert prepared QDRO's & QILDRO's at your local court. Let us remove this one component of your case, maintaining attorney-client confidentiality and professional responsibility throughout.

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“Thank you so much! I have enjoyed working with you and have been very pleased with your work.” 

—  A. N., Sept. 2016